Drug Warriors Terrorize Freedom

Sunday, January 4 2009 8:13 p.m.

America has a very strong tradition of protecting speech. With good reason. Tyrants can never control thoughts, but if they can control speech, then they control your thoughts and indirectly your actions. Ultimately that's what they care about. Since it's prudent to solve the problem in utero, controlling speech is simply an abortion of your actions.

Tyrants, however, are clever animals. While Americans are militantly vigilant of the right to speak freely, we're not so vigilant of everything else. Tyrants are happy to let you say whatever you want, as long as you do what they say.

The situation we have now now regarding our civil rights is like staring at the speedometer in the car to make sure you're going 65 but completely ignoring the fact that the lights outside are a complete blur and there's a curve ahead that's twice as close as it was before you blinked. Obviously you need to go faster since it only says 60. We think we have the government under control but actually, it's just going to drop us off the cliff.

The point of free speech is to be able to think as differently as you want, and act as differently as you want, along with the folks you've convinced along the way. It's not just the speech, but the action that's important here.

What we need is freedom of consumption. Consumption is something all Americans like to do, why not protect it? We should have as much freedom with what we put into our mouths as we do with what comes out of our mouths. By controlling the "drug-culture" like religious people control their children, they know they can control your mind and make you perfect consumers. The marketing creates a shiny plastic world to make you happy. It's all lined up neatly for you as long as you play in the system. Some of us know this plastic reality isn't real at all, and would choose to live in a reality that is created by us not for us.

Paradoxically for my liberal friends... the bigger government gets, the more you have to play by the rules because the government can only deal with one way of doing things. And it can barely deal with that. If you start having your own thoughts that might not fit neatly into the big government machine, you obviously must be beaten down until you fit.

What can you do? Just like bible thumpers like to wear crosses and attach poorly drawn fishes to their bumpers, be public about your support of free consumption. Let it be known that those who have free minds are out there and are no longer scared to sit at the front of the bus. Above all, don't be afraid, as that is exactly what a tyrant counts on. Don't fear failure, instead be terrified of never trying.

Demand this freedom loudly and frequently of the new administration... Mr Obama, tear down these drug laws.

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