Global Warming and Gay Marriage Don't Matter

Thursday, June 11 2009 11 p.m.

When someone on the left, as socialists are often referred to in America, talks about Global Warming, now called Global Climate Change™, it often has the same ring to it as when someone who seriously believes about supernatural dieties speaks about god. Let's compare.

Besides the believing in god thing, some may sum up the religious right as those people who think you should have no fun. If you have fun, god will smite you.

Some may sum up the religious left as those who believe that you should not focus on producing wealth and industry. If you do, you will be smote.

Of course, both generalizations are inaccurate. Unfortunately for everyone, both sides hold truths in their arguments that get missed because both groups get lost in the trees of their arguments and completely forget about the forest. On the right, the point is to be a moral person. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Don't steal, don't lie, don't cheat.

The left's points include; remember to enjoy life and the simple things. There's more to life than material wealth. Remember that we share the earth with others, help them if they ask. Natural beauty is sublime and can't be recreated, at any cost, once destroyed by man.

In practice, if the religious right were to see the big picture... this would mean: Gay marriage is fine. Who others have sex with is none of your business. If people choose to plan when and if they want to have children, that's also OK. If someone believes in a different god, it's not OK to blow yourself up where they congregate. Above all, it means love your fellow man.

To the left, to see the big pictures means; it's OK to produce wealth since it can help the suffering of people. It's OK to pollute, if there's also a way to cleanup or if not polluing leads to even greater human suffering. It's not OK to tell others what they can and can't do. Because, loving your fellow man means letting them be free. If you feel you need to destroy for your cause, you should reevaluate.

But how do we make people stop behavior we don't want? That guy who cuts trees on weekends for hobby. Or the urban unwed mother with 5 kids. Don't MAKE them do anything. Show them. We convince and educate people to do the right thing. As soon as we force others to do something, we are violating the golden rule. If whatever it is we believe in is true, then it should not be difficult to move someone to your cause. We live our lives by example and destroy only when absolutely nessary to regain our liberties, not when others aren't doing what it is you want them to. This is exactly why Martin Luther King has a holiday, Mahatma Ghandi was a great man.

The greatest things in life are the simplest. It's simple for you to be great in life too.


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