Happy Holidays

Wednesday, December 23 2009 9 a.m.

This is a reminder for you and myself of how fortunate we all are to touch each other's lives. Our circumstances can be defined by fate, but who we are is defined but what we choose to do daily. As we make our impression on people we also leave indents on the clay that makes character. Be sure every interaction and mark we leave on that clay is purposely positive. Not every action will turn out positive, but if we aim for each mark in the clay to be positive, the end result will be wonderful.

Choose wisely and purposely even the little things we do daily. Especially those little things, because they add up to more. You might take a big road trip someplace, but it's those daily trips in your car that add up 10,000 miles per year. Why do one big caring thing once a year to help someone? Instead, keep an eye open as you walk through the daily motions of life to see how you can help.

I find that surrounding myself with positive, beautiful and caring people, landscape and art is the most important thing in my life. These are all things that can be acquired with little or no money. This is important, because since time is money, this gives me the most time to enjoy these things. I only hope that all my friends, family and everyone reading this blog can prioritize their life in a way that makes them happy.

It's within all of us to have a happy holiday and a spiritually prosperous new year.

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