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Monday, April 27 2009 11:57 p.m.

Is government better than the people?

As we've been told again and again... capitalism has failed. It's not our fault that we believed property values would go up like a man over dosing on ED drugs. It's not our fault that we lied on our mortgage forms. It's definitely not our fault that no one checked those forms. We wouldn't have lied if we knew someone was going to look at it. It no one's fault. It's the system's fault. If we had a better system, none of this would have happened!

Let's investigate this system we're going to discard.

This system that, since the last attack which partially crippled it in the 1930s, has brought increased life expectancy and increased per capita income. This partially crippled capitalist system we are moving away from is one where you need an army of lawyers to deal with the government in certain industries (auto, medical, banking, real estate, etc...) to one where you need an army of lawyers and lobbyist to do most anything. Want to start a small farm? Sorry, you'll need to fill out these forms. Want to be an angel investor in a start-up and try to sell your company to the public.. sorry, please see the lawyer army. Would you like to develop some green technology? Can't get any investment because everyone has to compete with the government backed investments in green technology. Again, please see the lawyer army.

You might notice that the industries that fail us are those that are most regulated. Of course, more regulation is not going to help. What do you think is going to happen when more and more of the economy is government regulated? Will that fail us too? These failures of the most regulated industries have been predicted.

Because we are either too dishonest or too incompetent to be trusted, we need these regulations to protect us from ourselves. But who are we going put in charge of this? Where are we going to get these honest super competent people? What if one of them turns out to be incompetent, won't the entire system go down? The current system, had a few major banks fail and a few major banks that were not in trouble at all. That's what they get for playing by the rules.

I argue that people are good and have done pretty well when left alone. We get in trouble when a small number of people gather vast amounts of power. And that's what Obamunism is all about. It's a corporatist philosophy where power is accumulated and controlled through central planning. If you thought Wall Street did poorly with the large amount of power it was able to regulate for itself through lobbyist... wait until you see what Obama does for them in Washington.

Here's a better solution. Let's let each of the 50 states figure out what the best solution is for each state. At least one state will figure out a good answer and everyone will copy it. Here's an even better solution, let each one of us figure out what the right answer is. When one of us figures it out, a lot of others are going to give it a try.

Give freedom a chance and send the lawyer army home before none of us is able to make it on our own.


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