Python Timezone Conversion Example Using pytz

Tuesday, May 13 2008 12:11 a.m.

Here's an example showing how to convert from one timezone to another in Python. Note that you won't be able to save the full date/time in MySQL without stripping out the timezone info.

from string import atoi
from datetime import datetime
import pytz # Available

thedate = "20080518"
thetime = "2210"

europe_tz = pytz.timezone('Europe/Paris') # Note that your local install timezone should be
brazil_tz = pytz.timezone('America/Sao_Paulo')
server_tz = pytz.timezone('America/Los_Angeles')

stat_time = datetime(atoi(thedate[0:4]), atoi(thedate[4:6]), atoi(thedate[6:8]), atoi(thetime[0:2]), atoi(thetime[2:4]), 0, tzinfo=europe_tz)

stat_time.astimezone(brazil_tz) # returns time for brazil
stat_time.astimezone(server_tz) # returns server time

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