The Neo-Socialist Revolution Has Begun

Tuesday, October 21 2008 8 p.m.

The neo-socialists, epitomized by Obama, Biden and cheerled by the mainstream media and those that can't do, but teach at major universities, give a new spin to an old yarn. They cleverly focus the class warfare on a smaller percentage of rich and claim that it would not negatively impact the average citizen. It's only negative to those at the very top. Since, of course, that makes it OK. These neo-socialists believe that the libertarian principals sowed into the declaration of independence and harvested in the U.S. Constitution are out-dated and view freedom with disdain. They would even try to redefine freedom for us and explain how patriotic it is to be taxed. This new socialism promises to make people happy at the expense of a small minority, which we don't like anyway.

Encouraging those at the top to work less translates to less tax revenue in the long run, which means that the commitments for all the new permanent entitlement programs will fall on lower and lower tax brackets, encouraging everyone to work less and producing a feedback loop of inefficiency and corruption that will ultimately end-up in the collapse of the economy and loss of happiness for many generations.

From The Economics of Happiness:

"...economists worry about how taxes discourage people from working, but in fact, taxes can be encouraging people to have a less feverish pace of life and to focus more on time with friends and family rather than consumption."

Be happy and feel socially engineered to pay more in taxes! And now that we have to pay more, we should work less. Even the casual observer will see that working less means less revenue. That would mean another tax increase. And this time, everyone pays. Just because your family is consuming less doesn't mean the government is going to consume less. Quite the contrary.

Some will argue that we should learn to live with less and expect less to be happy. I would argue that we should hope for everything, but expect nothing. Just as we should not depend on the government to make us happy, we should not depend on consumption to make us happy. You don't need most of the things advertised to you. It's a vicious cycle to work for the corporation that sells you the things you don't need so you can work for the corporation. But translating the logic of needing less into taking away what you have because someone else determined you don't need it, is immoral.

What the neo-reds don't understand is that while we may not need many things to be happy, the one thing we do need is the freedom to want, whatever it is we want. Society can mock you for wanting that Escalade, but what kind of society says, "No, you can't have that Escalade?" What the neo-socialist fear the most, is the same thing the old socialist feared, that people will choose for themselves and not be in lock-step with the needs of the utopian society.

Isn't it government's role to make you happy? No. Not only is it not their role, they are unable to do this. You can't take a little bit of happiness from someone to give it to someone else. It does not come from the boss in the corner office, or the wise-man sitting on the hill. After all your basic needs are met, happiness can only come from inside you. Watch-out for any sales man telling you otherwise.


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