We Won't Get Fooled Again

Wednesday, October 29 2008 11:30 p.m.

You might be OK with socialism. But know what you're buying and what you're selling to get it. I believe I'm in the company of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington by saying that whenever we depart from personal liberty and try to do good using force, the immorality at the core of using such force ultimately corrupts all those good intentions. Bottom line, socialism is morally wrong and breaks the Golden Rule. And Obama, as well meaning and intelligent as he is, by trying to protect the American Dream will destroy the founding father's dream for America.

My mother, purveyor of all things wise, including myself, recently said, "No one will fool me about what is communism. Obama speaks just as well in both message and delivery as Fidel (Castro) ever did. (Obama) promises cheap fuel, health care for all and elimination of poverty; it's the same speech I heard over 40 years ago. It makes me cry."

It makes her cry because she actually lost her freedom and came to this country to get it back. She knows what she would be losing. Americans don't know that loss... yet.

My view is that Obama is a socialist, not quite a communist. But as Khrushchev himself once said, you cannot expect Americans to jump from capitalism to communism. You need small doses of socialism first. Or heavy doses as prescribed by Obama.

Sorry, Senator Obama, but don't spread any of that immoral wealth towards me. My idealism and personal want to help others is not so naive. My freedom is not for sale. Is yours?


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