Why Class Warfare is Immoral

Monday, November 3 2008 9:15 p.m.

There are some who are quite confused as to why people would vote against their own "best interests". It seems to me to be quite condescending to know what is in the "best interest" of an entire class of people. Looking past that however, I will try to explain, why such "confused" people think this way.

Violating the golden rule is universally wrong. By forcing, at gun-point, some people to pay a large portion of their income to an organization; we'll call it the Government and not The Mob for now; while requiring others to pay absolutely none is just wrong. Just because you see someone walking down the street with the latest shoes you have been looking at for weeks, doesn't allow you and your friends to steal those shoes. Just because you're stealing those shoes through the proxy that is the U.S. Government doesn't make it any better.

And then, there are those who think past the next move in chess and realize that soaking the materially rich, will only end up hurting those have-nots, the most. As if you need more than the moral justification, here's the practical consideration which is exactly the opposite of the naive view expressed by those that think that stealing from individuals and enlarging government is in a particular class' "best-interest". This is going to come as a shocker... but, get ready for this. The government does not create any jobs. If they take $100 from you to give it to someone else, the $70 the other person receives does not net any positive jobs. You might even say the bureaucratic waste and paper shuffling actually lost wealth. The government does not create any wealth. It does not own the means of producing anything. And in countries where the government does own the means to produce wealth it allocates resources so poorly that you always end-up with shortages. Good job big government.

Additionally, by having the government take the role of what family and friends are for, you weaken the family and strengthen the role in your life of the largest corporation of all... the U.S. Government. The message is that it's not up to you to improve yourself, it's up to the government to do it for you. If you're not better off today, it's someone else's responsibility.

I don't earn 250k, but I know I will pay for Obamunism. Eventually when those over 250k in income can't pay enough taxes to sustain the new spending policies, I will have to pay. And my job will be lower paying because after soaking the rich, there just aren't that many employers for me to shop around my skills. I'm not arguing so much for trickle-down economics as I am arguing against trickle-up poverty.

I understand why some feel the need to fight "the system". I'm one of them!! But "the system" is any large organization. The largest of them all is the U.S. Government. Whatever organization you think is "too big to fail", that organization should be put on the action-list of systems that need to be fought.

In conclusion, it's condescending to say that I need so much government help. And it's immoral to force other to pay for that help. It's also going to be counter-productive to your stated cause of helping those that need help. And ultimately, I don't want your government help.


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