You're Being Controlled, and You Like It!

Wednesday, July 16 2008 11:03 p.m.

This post is a follow-up to my earlier post about celebrating your personal freedom.

If you're on your way to being free, congrats. If you're not on your way and you think you're free, you probably don't know how controlled you are. Of course, this doesn't apply to everyone out there. But chances are, it applies to you.

Be a rebel. Question authority. This doesn't mean argue endlessly with everyone about everything. This means, if you hear the authoritative masses, government, mass-media, Al Gore, stating something as true, ask for some facts. If the facts don't pass your smell test. Dig a little deeper. Note, your smell testing may be broken if you always take authority for being true. Here's an example. Everyone says Santa Clause will show-up at everyone's christmas tree on December 25th. How does this work? How does he get around? How does he get so many goods? Why does he keep doing this. Do the explanations pass your smell test? When you were a child, they did.

Authorities used to recommend smoking cigarettes to competitors in bicycle races. It would open up the lungs, they said. Does this pass your smell test?

Everyone says that you need a college education. What for? So you can get a higher paying job? Here's some good follow-up questions. Is there any other way to net a good living? Do you need that much money? What for? Empty prosperity?

I would suggest that you view The Century of Self. It defines a century of empty prosperity better than I've ever seen described before. Interestingly, you can easily reach the conclusion they we're all so hooked on being controlled that we would be lost without that control. The documentary suggests that the irrational consumerism of the 1920s helped cause the depression of the 1930s when people pulled back spending and suddenly only purchased what they needed. Interesting connecting of the dots.


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