Human Resources in the Cloud

Tuesday, March 23 2010 3:34 p.m.

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Back in the days when everyone thought a computer virus was science fiction, you would have to travel to a computer to use it. Computers were large, required special environments and special knowledge just to keep them running. You couldn't take this computer with you, or connect to it from very far.

With time, technology improved. Many innovators made fortunes with computers that became more portable. As the capabilities of the internet have grown, entrepreneurs have figured out how to make products where the real processing isn't happening anywhere near you, but somewhere else where you don't even see it. This is called, Cloud Computing.

You probably already use cloud computing and may not even be aware of it. Gmail is a cloud computing product. As is Facebook and WordPress. The real hard work of running those tools is not done on your tiny phone or in your web browser. The work mostly happens in the cloud.

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Happy Holidays

Wednesday, December 23 2009 9 a.m.

This is a reminder for you and myself of how fortunate we all are to touch each other's lives. Our circumstances can be defined by fate, but who we are is defined but what we choose to do daily. As we make our impression on people we also leave indents on the clay that makes character. Be sure every interaction and mark we leave on that clay is purposely positive. Not every action will turn out positive, but if we aim for each mark in the clay to be positive, the end result will be wonderful.

Choose wisely and purposely even the little things we do daily. Especially those little things, because they add up to more. You might take a big road trip someplace, but it's those daily trips in your car that add up 10,000 miles per year. Why do one big caring thing once a year to help someone? Instead, keep an eye open as you walk through the daily motions of life to see how you can help.

I find that surrounding myself with positive, beautiful and caring people, landscape and art is the most important thing in my life. These are all things that can be acquired with little or no money. This is important, because since time is money, this gives me the most time to enjoy these things. I only hope that all my friends, family and everyone reading this blog can prioritize their life in a way that makes them happy.

It's within all of us to have a happy holiday and a spiritually prosperous new year.

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99 Cent Stores and Florida Homelessness

Tuesday, August 11 2009 10:15 p.m.

When a manufacturer incorrectly predicts demand for a product, it's left with a giant glut of product. The glut of product is either dumped by the manufacturer at a steep discount to raise cash, or it runs out of cash and its sold to someone to liquidate the excess inventory. Suddently, the product shows up at a 99 cent store. The manufacturer or liquidator gets some cash, the 99 cent store makes some money, and you can afford that Milli Vanili CD you've always wanted.

Unfortunately, because of the government, that's not how the housing market works. In the name of protecting american home owners, but really bailing out the well connected banks, we're propping up home prices. There are 300k such homes on property value stilts in Florida alone.

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You Might Be a Murderer and a Thief If...

Thursday, July 2 2009 9:23 a.m.

Outside of a self defence scenario, Would you kill someone? Would you pay someone to kill for you? It's only a semi-rhetorical question.

Taking a life is murder. Taking liberty is slavery. Taking property is theft. Would you do these things? Would you have others do these things for you? Probably not. But someone steals, murders and owns slaves in your name every day. The government does all three of these things every single day. When we pay for GM, give money to Isreal or print government welfare checks those are all theft. Your liberty is taken away every day when the governments bans pot, bans guns and prevents you from leaving or entering the country. The government murders people daily through "preemptive" wars.

If you voted for the government to do these things, you're stealing, murdering and creating slaves of future generations. If you support the government, congratulations, you are too! No fireworks or BBQ for you on independence day.

Here's a clear and concise definition of liberty and how it can never be legally taken away:

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Drug Warriors Terrorize Freedom

Sunday, January 4 2009 8:13 p.m.

America has a very strong tradition of protecting speech. With good reason. Tyrants can never control thoughts, but if they can control speech, then they control your thoughts and indirectly your actions. Ultimately that's what they care about. Since it's prudent to solve the problem in utero, controlling speech is simply an abortion of your actions.

Tyrants, however, are clever animals. While Americans are militantly vigilant of the right to speak freely, we're not so vigilant of everything else. Tyrants are happy to let you say whatever you want, as long as you do what they say.

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You're Too Little to Not Fail

Tuesday, November 25 2008 10 p.m.

Recently, you may have heard the term "Too Big to Fail" (TBF). TBF is simply a euphemism for well connected. The company or industry being spoken about is too well connected and has too many lobbyists. Notice how the financial sector and auto industry both get bailouts, but the realtors and the builders get nothing. The reason for this is that realtors and the construction industry don't have enough lobbyists making laws for them in congress. Too bad for them. Even worse for the rest of us since we've committed our kids to paying off a few trillion dollars in debt. AIG is too big to fail but your kid is little enough to saddle with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

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Happy Independence Day! Are you Independent?

Thursday, July 3 2008 11:01 a.m.

With the country celebrating its independence, it's a perfect time to talk about about freedom and independence. As you may have overheard in school... America declared independence from tyranny over 200 years ago on July 4th. That was the short-term action. However, America wasn't free on July 4th. Just like in weight-loss, it takes time to reach the goal. It took long term commitment and determination to actually make a free society. A society where personal responsibility is of utmost importance and freedoms for everyone are the ideal goal that we hope to never fall short of.

It's been over 200 years that that long-term commitment to freedom has been declared. How free and independent are you? There's probably an easy way to measure this. Freedom is directly related to responsibility, just as light is related to visibility. The more light there is the more you can see, and so it is with responsibility.

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