Ed Menendez

About Me

With more than twenty years in the technology field, I consider myself fortunate to have grown alongside the ever-evolving tech landscape. At present, I am guiding technology innovations at LearnWPT. My path through the tech industry has been an educational journey, filled with diverse ventures and roles that have enriched my understanding of system architecture, web development, and the nuances of team leadership. Each experience has been a valuable lesson, contributing to my ongoing journey as a technology professional.

As the co-founder of Digital Haiku, I have played a pivotal role in creating cutting-edge site and games for leading organizations such as the New York Department of Education, Paramount Pictures, NASCAR, and National Geographic. My proficiency in a wide range of technologies including Python, Django, JavaScript, and PostgreSQL coupled with my experience in managing remote teams, has enabled me to bring unique and efficient solutions to complex technical challenges.

In my role at LearnWPT, I have been instrumental in architecting, developing, and managing a custom poker education site, introducing the first web-based game theory optimal (GTO) poker trainer. This innovation exemplifies my ability to blend technical acumen with creative problem-solving.

Previously, at Blenderbox, I took on the significant challenge of architecting the NYC MySchools student enrollment system, catering to the largest school system in the U.S. My contribution in optimizing high traffic systems while ensuring maintainability underscores my commitment to delivering robust and scalable solutions.

My journey also includes a transformative stint at Voxy, where I had the opportunity to reboot the product and lead a team that significantly increased the company's valuation - tripling it in just a short period. This accomplishment not only underlines my leadership and team-building skills but also my ability to architect and manage projects effectively. Additionally, unveiling a prototype in 30 days at TechCrunch Disrupt was a testament to our team's innovation and agility under my guidance.

In every role I've undertaken, my goal has always been to foster an environment of collaboration and learning. I believe strongly in the power of teamwork and shared knowledge, especially in the ever-evolving field of technology. While my experience has equipped me with a broad skill set and deep technical understanding, I am continuously inspired by the collective creativity and insights of my colleagues and peers. My approach emphasizes mutual respect, open communication, and a shared commitment to excellence, which I believe are key to any successful project and a harmonious work environment.

What I Do

System Architecture & Development

I specialize in designing and optimizing system architectures and developing robust solutions. My approach blends innovation with practicality, ensuring high performance and scalability.

Technical Innovation & Problem Solving

I thrive on technical challenges, creating cutting-edge solutions like the GTO Trainer for LearnWPT. My expertise lies in turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones through innovative problem-solving.

Cost-Efficient Solutions & Maintainability

I prioritize creating cost-effective and sustainable tech solutions that stand the test of time. Balancing upfront innovation with long-term maintainability and efficiency is at the core of my approach to technology.

Collaborative Project Management & Team Leadership

I'm dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment where project goals are met through teamwork and shared expertise. My leadership style emphasizes support and guidance, ensuring that every team member's contributions are valued and integrated for collective success.


Currently Reading

1920 by Eric Burns
Antitrust by Amy Klobuchar
The Gulf: The Making of An American Sea by Jack E. Davis
2666 by Robert Bolaño


How Can I Help You?

I'm always eager to connect and explore how my skills in technology can be of service. Whether you're looking for insights into Python, system architecture, brainstorm product ideas, or effective team management, I'd be happy to share my experiences or lend a hand. Please feel free to reach out – I look forward to the opportunity to assist and learn from you.