Celebrity Fantasy Game in Django

If you've played fantasy football or any fantasy sport you know what I'm takling about. If you're new to the concept, you pick a roster of celebrities and if they show up in the news, you get points.

The site was written using Django (trunk as of the 13th!) and Postgres 8.2. We've built a fantasy games package on top of the Django core which we would probably open-source if the community showed some interest in it.

This is our 2nd major site in Django and we really love it. To begin with, Python is a great language. When we built our fantasy engine, it was originally coded on MySQL. We encountered quite a few problems porting it over to Postgres. There are lots of little things where MySQL does type conversions for you automatically and Postgres (correctly in my opinion) does not. I definitely feel the conversion was worth it so that now we're on an enterprise level database.

A side project that matured during this project is a multi-threaded mail delivery engine. It comes with some handy functions to send fully HTML/txt encoded emails with images embedded and all. I'll create a snippet for that mail engine in a few weeks.

Additionally, we also created a cron job system that's integrated with Django. You define your jobs in the admin by pointing to a view that's in your app. It automatically tries to run it by initiating a new process (since many things aren't thread-safe). If there's any interest in that we'll post that too.