The site solves one simple problem. Messy email based fantasy drafts. Our goal was to make something as simple to setup as an email draft but without any of the downside.

If you're into fantasy games and have done an email draft before, some of the problems with email drafts are:

  •  ♦  Email storm. Everyone does a reply-all so you get emailed on every pick.
  •  ♦  Users forget they are up because they start ignoring emails (see email storm).
  •  ♦  Emails start to look like this. Making it very difficult to find what was picked and make your own pick.
  •  ♦  Some users forget "reply all" thereby leaving it up to the one person that got the email to continue the draft.
  •  ♦  Creating a random draft order is a big pain for the league owner.

Once you enter all the email address, just as you would into your email program, you're ready to go. The league home page is all AJAX based so it refreshes on its own to give you status updates and lets you make picks quickly using a very light interface. Of course, you can still make picks via email and the system will automatically handle those too. No login\password is ever required.

The site was developed using Django 1.0 on Python 2.5 using Postgres 8.1 as the database and using our DOT tools.